Sunday, September 12, 2010

Slim Just Slim's Sweet Ride

Kanaka Hekili M.C.


Slim Kanaka Hekili M/C said...

So you got a shot of Bettie Lou on your page! She is a lovely machine indeed.

Bettie Lou is a 1962 H-D FLH (Panhead). She’s originally from Montgomery Motors on O'ahu, but has spent the last two decades or so on Big Island.

Bettie Lou was owned and built (and rebuilt and rebuilt) by Sandy Judd of the legendary Sons of Hawai'i M/C.

Mr. Judd owned this machine for many, many years until he decided he wanted to let her go. After a very touching interview, Sandy blessed me with the sale of Bettie Lou and I have dedicated long, long hours of sweat and blood maintaining her and riding her in this Twin-Cam world ever since.

Bettie Lou is an amazing example of historic Local Boy style and home-built customization and I appreciate ever moment I spend wrenching on her and riding on her!


Henry Honolulu said...

BL is a prime example of a historic Local Boy for sure. Love the History behind the bike. All Local Boys are welcome. Pics and stories are encouraged. Owners and Builders will be credited with their machines.